Home Inspection Repair Items

Below is a list of some of the most common repair issues that come up during a Vermont home inspection. Print it out and run through your Vermont house to see if you spot any of these.

Good Chittenden Vermont Home Inspection Still Needed

This list is not a substitute for a good Vermont home inspection, you should always have a professional Vermont home inspector run through your house. It does give you places to look and ask about during an inspection.

Improve Chances of Selling Your Chittenden VT Home

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Vermont Home Inspection Repair Tips

Common VT Home Inspection Repairs

·         No ground fault outlets in baths, kitchens, garages, and outdoor receptacles


·         Double tapped breakers in breaker box


·         Ungrounded outlet receptacles


·         Reverse polarity on outlet receptacles


·         Breaker box not grounded properly


·         No hand rails on basement or deck/porch stairs


·         Railings on decks/porches/balconies not high enough


·         No pressure relief valve on hot water take/furnace


·         Hanging/exposed wires from basement ceilings


·         Decks/porches not properly flashed


·         Negative grading around house


·         Uncertainty as to when a furnace has last been cleaned - causing the

      inspector to suggest a cleaning


·         Recommendation that septic system be pumped or in inspected if it

      hasn’t been done within the last 12 months


·         Safety reverse function on Garage door opener doesn’t reverse

      properly when closing and opening