Seller's Closing Week Punchlist

The following is a helpful list to go through during the closing week of selling your home. Print it out for easy and quick reference and to avoid being stressed during the last few moments of closing. Contact Dave Chenette or call 802-264-1991 and signifigantly increase your home sales opportunities. You may also be interested in the Vermont home selling process and preparing your VT home for showing.

Vermont Home Sellers Checklist

  • Call water department to schedule final reading if applicable
  • Call electric company to cancel service as of day of closing
  • Call fuel company to cancel service
  • Call cable and/or phone company to cancel or transfer service
  • Call trash removal company to arrange last pick up
  • Cancel newspaper
  • Mow lawn/remove snow if needed
  • Collect spare keys from friends and neighbors!
  • Put aside appliance manuals or other info helpful to new buyers
  • Leave names and phone numbers of vendors that might be helpful to new buyers (ie plumber,  electrician, and handymen who might know helpful info about your house)
  • Organize and label your keys for the new buyers
  • File address change with Post Office
  • Put aside tax bill to give to new buyer if additional installments are due
  • Discuss any future State property tax payment you may be due with Dave prior to closing
  • Make sure you have the proper “photo electric” smoke detectors and CO detectors in place
  • Call homeowners  insurance company after property has closed to cancel coverage

Utility Phone Numbers