Preparing Your Home for Showing

While in the marketing period of selling your Vermont house, you will want to prepare your home for showing. There are some key elements that some people miss when showing a house and some are not always glamorous (keeping toilet seats down) but they do help. There are included tips for those that like to get compulsive about the process. You should contain a bit of fun in this process, think of it as having some of your best friends over for dinner rather than just showing your house. Print this out and keep it handy as a quick reminder. Contact Dave Chenette or call 866.532.2321 with any questions or for a tour of Chittenden Vermont real estate.

Preparing Your VT Home for Showing

Prepare Your VT Home Kitchen for Showing:

  • Clear refrigerator of all photos and personal clutter
  • Clear counter tops to show how much space you have
  • Clear table tops
  • Pack away a few things from your cupboards to make cupboards appear spacious
  • Clean stove
  • Empty sink
  • Empty waste basket
  • Lights on
  • Don’t cook anything where the smells will linger into the showing time period
  • Drapes/blinds wide open for lots of light.
  • You want to get compulsive do you?
    • Bake some cookies/bread or burn something fragrant
    • Organize your refrigerator
    • Flowers on the table
    • Remove appliances from the counters if counters are somewhat covered
    • Display fresh fruit

Prepare Your Vermont Home Baths for Showing:

  • Toilet seats down
  • Fresh shower curtain
  • Neatly arranged towels
  • Clean mirror
  • Fresh soaps out
  • Shower/bath tub free of clutter
  • Empty waste basket
  • Lights on
  • Drapes/blinds wide open for lots of light.
  • You want to get compulsive do you?
    • Display a little pot pore
    • Organize any storage areas
    • New box of tissues/ roll of TP

Prepare the Vermont Home Living Areas for Showing:

  •  Clear flat surfaces of too much clutter
  • Have carpets cleaned if needed
  •  Remove some furniture if room is crowded
  • Remove excessive personal photos ( buyers need to picture their family in your home, not yours)
  • Lights on
  • Drapes/blinds wide open for lots of light.
  • Put pet beds away
  • You want to get compulsive do you?
    • Make sure all the vacuum lines are parallel
    • Put on some soothing music
    • Display flowers

Prepare the Vermont Home Bedrooms for Showing

  • Beds made
  • Bureaus free of clutter
  • Personal photos limited
  • Lights on
  • Drapes/blinds wide open for lots of light.
  • Put pet beds away
  • Closets organized and not stacked/packed full

Prepare the Vermont Home Basement/Garage for Showing

  • Provide easy access to furnace, electrical panel
  • Organize - providing as much floor space as possible
  • Give a quick sweep
  • Clear stair and stairway walls of clutter
  • Clear cobwebs if present
  • Tidy up loose wiring
  • Run dehumidifier if needed

Prepare the Vermont Home Exterior for Showing

  • Mow lawn/clear drive and walkways of snow and ice
  • Mulch landscaped areas
  • Prune trees/plantings
  • Edges trimmed
  • Remove all clutter
  • Close garage doors
  • So you want to get compulsive?
    • Remove an y moss on shingles
    • Seal pavement if needed
    • Clean gutters
    • New door mat
    • Hang flower baskets